Student FAQ

When is the deadline to apply for the housing?

We would like to receive all completed documents and payment as soon as possible but at least 30 days before your arrival date so we can match you with host family. If you send your application and payment less than a week before your arrival date there will be a late fee (please see pricing page.)

How does USA International choose Host Families?

We visit and interview each family and explain our program. We inspect the home and room for student. We carefully review each application form and match student and host family. All families submit to a background check.

I want to be close to school. Can I live close to School?

Most students need to take a bus to and from school unless they decide to have a car.  The average commute to/from school is 45 minutes by bus. Although we try our best, most of students need to take bus to go to school.

I have pet allergies. Can I still do the homestay?

On the application form, we have questions for allergies. Please make sure to fill that part out. Then we will avoid placing you with a family that has pets.

Will I have Internet access at host family's house?

Yes.  Families are required to have Internet access at home.

Can I choose my host family?

We carefully match student and host family based on the application forms. We introduce one family to every student. Therefore please fill out your application form accurately.

When do I pay stipend to host family?

The stipend is due upon your move-in date and every month after on the same date and should be paid directly to your host family.  Some host will charge a late fee if you do not pay on due date.

May I ask my host family to pick me up at the airport?

Airport pick up must be arranged by USAI. USAI provides this service at an additional charge to the student. If a student or agency contacts the host family, you will be charged airport pick up fee.

Is it okay if my family or friend stays at host family's house?

Please do not ask your relatives or guest to stay at your host family's house at least during your first three months. This helps the student and host family adjust to living together. After three months please talk with your host family and USAI before asking your guest to stay at your host families home.

How long do I have to stay with my host family?

We ask that students stay at least 3 months or one quarter. This will help you adjust living in a the U.S.

Can I change my host family?

If you feel that your host family is not a good match, you must contact USA International within 30 days of your first move-in so that we can arrange a new host family at no additional charge.  If you want to change your host family after 30 days, there will be a replacement service charge.

What happens if I go on vacation?

If you go on vacation more than two weeks and less than four weeks talk to your host family about a reduced stipend which is normally 50% off one month stipend. If you will be gone for more than four weeks your host family may ask you to pay to hold your room. Please remember that each family has different rules.

What if I do not give a written 2 week move out notice?

Host Family may ask you to pay the full amount of stipend.

When do I receive deposit back?

Please contact us once you decide to move out from host family's house. We will refund your deposit after you move out. You must give written 2 week move out notice to your host family, return the house key and clean your room. Deposit requests must be received within six months of your move out.



Host Family FAQ

How can we become a host family?

Please fill out our online or PDF application form and return to our office. We will then contact you and set up an interview appointment. Host families are asked to submit to a background check at a cost of $12 per person who is 18 years and older. After this application process we will contact you when there is a good matching student.

What are the requirements of hosting an International Student?

Host family should be English speaking. Families should provide a safe, warm and friendly environment. Include students in family activities. Give students plenty opportunities to practice their English conversation. Provide a private furnished room and bathroom access with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided (breakfas and lunch is self serve style.) Bus transportation should be within 45 minutes.

What is the stipend amount?

For year 2018 the stipend is $725-$750per month. This covers room, board, utilities and meals.

What if there is a problem?

Please contact our office at 425-483-5974 as soon as possible so we may help mediate any problems that arise.

Can we pick up our student at the airport?

Airport pick up must be arranged by USAI. USAI provides this service at an additional charge to the student. If a student or agency contacts you directly please have them contact our office. We may ask families to pick up students from the airport. Families will be reimbursed $50. This does not apply to group programs.

Should we give the student house rules?

Yes, we encourage families to provide reasonable written house rules. This should be done during students' moving-in-period. Please provide USAI a copy to be kept on file.

What happens if the student is not a good match for our family?

The host family should contact USAI and explain the issue and allow USAI time to talk with the student to resolve the issue.

How long will the student stay with us?

It depends on the student, host family and group programs. Typically ranges from 1 month to 3 years. The average length of stay for a long term student is 6 months to 1 year. Both the student and host family must enjoy living with each other. There is no guarantee how long a student will stay.

What if the student damages something in our home?

Please talk to your student and let them know the cost of replacement or repair.  Please take photos to avoid any future confusion or misunderstandings. If you need help we will mediate between student and host family.

Do we have to provide internet access?

Yes, students need internet access. Most students require internet access for school assignments and would like to keep in touch with their family and friends in their home country. Please install anti-virus software for all your computers.

How many students can I host at the same time?

Families may host more than one student typically 2-3 students. However some programs and schools have maximum number of student per host family's house. For detailed information, please contact us. If you will have more than one student, please avoid hosting students of the same nationality. Also, please avoid mixing genders when you host student at the same time.

Is it okay to have students share a room?

NO. Each student needs their own private room. The only exception is for student in the same short term group programs.

Is it okay to host boys & girls in the same house?

NO. Please avoid mixing genders when you host students in the same house.

I am not a native English speaker. Can I be a host family?

Yes you can.  However, please speak English at home when your student is around. They are coming here to learn English.


We are here to help students and host families. Please contact us anytime and let us know how you are doing and whenever you have any questions or concerns. Good Luck!!